In dealing with suppliers, customers and other parties, it is best to have proper written agreements in place. Indeed, as your business grows, you may find that the “handshake” is not always enough. Having a written contract or agreement does not mean you do not trust each other, but rather it acts to avoid any misunderstandings by reducing your deal into writing. This allows the parties to identify and work out any misunderstandings before the work is started. With over 20 years of experience in contract and business law, Dimitry Beluli can assist you with the contracts and agreements relevant to your business and industry.

Dimitry Beluli can assist you with:

• Sales and Service agreements
• Distribution agreements
• Reseller Agreements
• Sales Commission agreements
• Licensing agreements
• Lease agreements
• Quotation terms
• Purchase Order terms
• Manufacturing agreements
• Employment agreements
• Shareholder agreements