Contract Review & Negotiation

In the entertainment industry, talk is cheap. Before you sign a contract, you should know what the contract says. You will be held to the contract terms so it is crucial for any artist to know and understand what exactly their rights are.
Horror stories abound in the industry regarding platinum selling artists who have nothing to show for the commercial success because they signed a contract that said something other than what they understood.
Get informed before you sign a deal. Whether it is a label deal, licensing rights deal, merchandising deal, etc… as a musician and lawyer, Anthony Giannotti has the experience and understanding of the entertainment industry to review your contract and advise you. He is also a highly skilled negotiator and representative who will ensure you get the best deal possible.

Artist Representation (established artists only)

If you are an established artist and are looking for no non-sense, pragmatic advice and direction, look no further. Trusted for advice in the entertainment industry by only the biggest and best, Anthony Giannotti delivers strategic and effective representation for his entertainment industry clients.

Live Concert & Tour Event Planning

If you are an established artist and are looking to tour your show in North America, Anthony Giannotti can assist covering every detail from planning, logistics, insurance, work visas, contract negotiation, venue and production, ticketing etc…

Take the pressure off and concentrate on your show while letting Anthony Giannotti handle all the other matters that will your consume time and energy. Managers and Agents are not lawyers. When you have an advisor such as Anthony Giannotti, you can be sure that obstacles will be dealt with before they become problems. Make your tour a success and call Anthony Giannotti today!