Planning for the succession of your business can be very complicated, but is important to ensure your company’s long term survival. Leaving succession planning until it is too late may be detrimental to the business you spent your life building. Your business may be left in incapable or undesirable hands, could be sold for less money than if a sale process was pre-planned, and could result in a higher tax burden due to the lack of tax planned structuring. Having experienced legal counsel can be invaluable in these situations. Dimitry Beluli brings over 20 years of experience in assisting clients with the establishment or execution of a succession plan for their business.

Dimitry Beluli can assist you with:

• Transferring ownership to a family member
• Transferring ownership to a non-family member
• Disposing of the business through a sale, management buy-out, management buy-in or voluntary liquidation
• Structuring the corporation for the succession, including completing an estate freeze, transfer or rollover of assets or rollover of shares, amending the articles of incorporation of existing corporations, incorporation of holding companies and merger of existing companies
• Family Business Trusts
• Completing the financing for the succession plan