If you lose interest in your business, want to pursue other interests, wish to retire, or the right offer comes along, it may be time to sell your business. Selling your business does not necessarily mean you can walk away from it cleanly. As a seller, you could be liable for obligations of your business that you thought would be assumed by the Purchaser. Moreover, an improperly structured deal could result you paying significantly more tax. Having experienced legal counsel can be invaluable in these situations. With over 20 years of experience in corporate and business law, Dimitry Beluli can assist and guide you with structuring your business for a sale, negotiating the terms of the sale of your business and completing the closing of the sale.

Dimitry Beluli can assist you with:

• Selling some or all of the assets of your business
• Selling the shares in your company
• Merge your corporations together
• Split your business apart into two or more corporations
• Restructuring your corporation